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What is The Monkey Collective?


In Short...


We’re a group of writers. Everything you read is the product of several minds. We believe that collaboration makes the story better, improves the style – and it’s more fun! We’re looking for people who share this belief. See How to Join.



The Longer Sell...


  • Do you have a novel in mind, one that you know will make a cracking book, but can’t bring yourself to start writing it?
  • Have you written something already, but can’t finish it, don’t know where to go with it?
  • Or, are you keen to get started, but don’t know where to begin?


We unite great ideas with keen writers, breaking a daunting four-hundred page book into chapters, into paragraphs. You don’t need to wait until you send it off somewhere - and never hear anything back - to work out whether it’s good or not. You get instant feedback from your writing partners. They improve what you've done, continue where you left off. The book becomes a collaborative process, with several minds working together to solve a problem. Working together to create an excellent story.


Doesn’t this mean, though, that the writer’s authentic voice is lost? That everything becomes homogenized, sanitised?


Think of all the best TV series and movies you’ve seen recently. They might be based on the work of some visionary director or writer, but chances are, the magic is created by teams of writers. The same arguments - about loss of integrity, about losing their edge - aren’t put forward for them because it’s worked and they’ve been successful.


So why hasn’t anyone tried this before with books?


It’s a solitary profession. The writer is a genius, sitting alone in a study. You can’t learn to write, and no one can explain where ‘inspiration’ comes from.

This narrative helps few people, and certainly not the aspiring novelist.

Writing courses have started to make the process more public, but they exist for people to critique one-another, not to help them merge their styles and ideas. This is what The Monkey Collective is for. It’s not about criticism, it’s about improving our own writing by adding another voice to it.

If you think it’s for you, we don’t ask that you subscribe, only that you take a risk. And the start of this is the submission of a short story.

See the ‘how to join’ page for more.

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